Will my soap fit in your bottom bowl soap container?

If you purchased a ShaveBowl Kit, Fine Classic Shave Soap is included which can be placed into the bottom bowl.  The bottom soap container has been designed to fit most other soaps on the market.  All softer soaps can be pressed and molded into the bottom bowl.  If you have a hard soap that doesn’t quite fit, grate the soap into small pieces, wet it, and press it into the bottom bowl.  The soap will cure to the shape of the bowl.

How do I care for a brand new shave brush?

A new shaving brush should be washed out thoroughly with warm water and soap.  A new shaving brush will take several shaves to properly break in.  After your shave is complete, rinse out excess shave cream from the brush with cold water, gently squeeze out the excess water and finish by hanging it upside down in ShaveBowl's brush holder.

What is the finish of ShaveBowl?

A very fine micro-texture is applied to all surfaces of ShaveBowl.  We discovered the texture has increased the volume and rate at which you can build your lather.  This finish also looks and feels extraordinary.

Is ShaveBowl durable?

A large part of material selection revolved around durability after dropping and breaking too many ceramic mugs over the years.  ShaveBowl can be dropped and will not break.

I have an assortment of shave soaps I like to rotate into my routine.  Am I limited to a single soap container?

ShaveBowl was purposefully designed as a modular system.  If you purchase ShaveBowl, you can purchase ShaveBowl Traveler if you want to add another bottom bowl into your rotation.  This will allow you to store multiple soaps and travel with ease.

Do you offer multiple colors?

Currently we offer ShaveBowl in a neutral shade of white and matte black.  Please feel free to reach out and recommend other color variants. We would love to hear your feedback for future products.

Is ShaveBowl dishwasher safe?

Yes, ShaveBowl is dishwasher safe.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we use USPS First Class International for international shipments.  We do not cover taxes or VAT charges for your given area.

If I have any questions, how may I contact you?

Please visit our contact section on our webpage or email